Reading in my life.
Why should I read more? Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Reading improves your focus and concentration. Reading can be the form of meditation. Nowadays people have a lot of problems with concentrating. Don`t be one of them. People usually working on a task, checking email, chatting with the friends and using their smart phone. It causes stress levels to rise and lowers our productivity. When you read a book the rest of the world is closed off. Try reading for 15-20 min. before work and you`ll be  surprised at how much more concentrated you are. It`s also a great relaxation technique.
Some of modern teenagers don’t like reading books. They prefer watching TV, playing computer games and other kinds of entertainment. I don’t think it’s very good. Books are not only entertainment. They help us in self-education, and also to imagine the future, to look into the past. Books develop our intellect, our soul. Everybody has favourite books. It can be novels, detective stories, science literature and many others. All of them are different and form our character.
       To encourage reading teachers should give pupils tasks for reports, give them lists for summer reading and organise meetings with popular authors. But I recommend to watch films based on books.
As for me, I like to read books in my free time. Books help me to go away from life problems, to get into another world. Books pass over to us the knowledge and experience of previous generations. I like various literature directions and authors. It depends on my mood which book I take to read. There is no definite author which I like most of all. I like definite books and stories, for example “The little prince” by Exupery and others____________________________________________________
Also I like novels, written by Dostoevsky, ____________________________________. From their books you can learn more about people’s feelings, about life; you can even begin to see the world from another angle after reading these books. My favourite poets are _________________________. 
Their poems are full of bright images.
           Every book gives birth to special inner world in my mind and  in my soul. I like to imagine main characters of my favorite books, their clothes, and faces. It is difficult for me to leave the characters of my favorite novels in the end of the books.
         When you lose yourself in a book you can simply forget all the daily worries. Reading makes you smarter. Reading is healthy just like a morning run, so find time for it.

Cinema in Our Life
The movies are truly an art of our time. The invention of the photography in 1828 played a very important role in the development of the cinema. 1895 became the year when the cinema was born. After the brothers Lumier had invented the cinematography, the cinema widely spread all over the world. The first movie theatres appeared in 1904. Now different movie versions of novels and stories of famous writers are very popular.
The movies are a powerful force in contemporary life. Cinema is also used for educational purposes. Video classes are useful when studying geography, foreign languages and many other subjects. With the help of documentary and science films one can get much information about the world around. The news on TV helps to know what happens in the world each day. It also helps to attract the attention of people to different important problems, such as hunger, earthquakes, water pollution and so on.
The cinema is also the means of entertainment. After a working day one can relax watching some good movie. Nowadays people can’t just imagine their life without the art of cinema.

There are a lot of different kinds of films: feature films, horror films, thrillers, popular science films, mystery films, documentaries, animated cartoon films. Besides, the films may be color or black and white, full-length or short, sound or silent, dubbed in mother tongue, three-dimensional or wide-screen. And of course there are a lot of actors and actresses. But my favourite are _____________________________________________________________
We can see films either in the cinema or on the TV. As I am often short of time, I have practically no time for going to the cinema. For this reason I see films on television more frequently. But sometimes I can go to the cinema. I prefer feature films and amusing comedies. It’s a pity the life is so difficult nowadays and I want to relax a little, sometimes even to laugh. But at the same time I am fond of true-to-life films describing the life of the ordinary people, their feelings and problems. Such films impressed me deeply. As a rule such films leave a deep and lasting impression upon me.

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